Short on Time, Long on Intensity Workout

I get it, you’re busy. It’s the holidays, we’re all busy. I can see it on the faces of my friends, clients, and passers-by on the street. We’re always in a hurry and we wear a look of panic everywhere we go.

Yep, we’re all a bit nuts this time of year.

In our hurried holiday rush, often the first thing to go is our personal, self-care time. For many of us, this is our workout time. Unfortunately, since our workout time is often when we regroup and work out all the anxiety, skipping it because we “don’t have time” only seems to make us crazier.

The worst part is that we know it! But when there are a hundred and one holiday parties to go to and a thousand cookies to bake and presents for half the neighborhood to buy…well, something’s gotta give, right?

Not this year.

Whether you have 5 minutes or 10, I’ve got a workout you can literally squeeze in anywhere during your day. Think of it as your own personal time-out. No more excuses for not taking care of yourself this holiday season!

Got 5 minutes? Try this:

Got 10 minutes? Give this one a go:

Next week, we keep the Maintain, Don’t Gain Holiday Challenge rolling with even more great strategies for maintaining your weight through the holidays.

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