Resolution Hack: Try Trading Up

I’m just gonna say it…there are times when keeping our New Year’s Resolutions can feel an awful lot like torture and deprivation. Maybe it’s just me but sometimes I feel like the list of stuff I need to give up to keep the promises I made to myself is endless and it’s frustrating.

If this is your experience too, listen up.

In my previous post, I mentioned the idea of adding stuff to your life instead of always just taking stuff away all the time but let’s take that a step further this week. This year, I challenge you to trade up.

What does that mean? Well, it means that I’m asking you to think about your day tomorrow and pick 1 thing that doesn’t get you closer to your goals for the year and sub that thing out for 1 thing that does and repeat that process for every remaining day of 2016.

Need some examples? No problem, here you go:

  • Trade up a not-so-healthy take-out meal for a nutritious plate of lean protein and veggies
  • Trade up an hour of vegging on the couch for a stress-relieving yoga class
  • Trade up 30 minutes of cruising social media for 30 minutes of extra sleep
  • Trade up that extra cocktail for a refreshing glass of sparkling water
  • Trade up your weekly check-in chat with your bestie for a weekly check-in walk around the neighborhood

See what I mean? Simply trade up what you’re already doing for something better—you deserve it—and find yourself more effortlessly reaching your goals without that horrible deprived feeling!

Make 2016 ridiculously awesome!

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