Real Talk About the Post Pregnancy Body Bounce Back

AcaciaTV has a ton of fabulous workouts, motivational guidance, and trainer tips to help new moms get back into shape. But we get that it can be tricky to figure out how to best use all of these awesome tools, especially when you’ve got your hands full with a newborn.

We also know that some of the most significant barriers to getting back on the fitness wagon are mental which – unlike the physical challenges that typically pass with time – can be harder to break down. Let’s face it, whether your bundle of joy is 2 months or 2 years old (or 10 or 20…) it’s a challenge to overcome the guilt associated with taking me time for a workout.

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In picking brain of new mom and fitness guru, Jennipher Walters of, I probed for advice on this subject (you’re welcome) and put together a quick guide to an effective post-pregnancy fitness strategy that will help you bounce back and maintain your sanity. Here ya go!

  • Prepare to be unprepared (at first). The first month will be a fog while you try to figure out so much and your body is recovering. Give it time and you’ll soon get into a rhythm, build confidence in your ability and hone your instincts as a parent.
  • Stop comparing. There’s a lot of pressure to bounce back quickly. It’s common and natural to stumble a bit with body image.  (NOTE: Even Jenn did, read about it here). Don’t get caught up in how different your body is from what it was before baby. Instead, focus on what your body CAN do right now.
  • Become a rock star role model. Take the baby with you for a walk or run in the stroller. Lift the baby overhead, do some squats while holding the baby, or do push-ups on the floor next to him or her. Talk about what’s in your food and let your child see you work out. As your babe matures, continue modeling healthy behaviors and explaining why they’re important.
  • Keep it simple. Focus on eating healthy meals and snacks most of the time, listening to your hunger. Work out at least 3 times a week, go for a daily family walk or just breathe and connect with what you’re grateful for. Do those things and your body will settle into where it’s supposed to — even if it takes a few months.
  • Focus on how your body feels. Putting the focus on regaining strength and rebuilding a cardio base is way more fulfilling and confidence-building than any number you see on the scale.
  • Roll with the punches. Only have a few minutes? Stream a short workout or do a few squats, lunges, push-ups and sit-ups. No time (or hands free) to eat? Snack on a handful of nuts and dried fruit here or there; make more portions at dinner to save and reheat for lunch the next day. Energy crashing? Take a nap with the baby or take a quick walk outside to perk up your energy levels.
  • Don’t indulge the guilt. It’s essential for you as a new mom to take some time to get in a workout. Being a mom is a non-stop stressful job and you need a break – even if it’s just 10 minutes of yoga. Allow time to take care of you. You deserve it. And it will help you continue being the amazing mama that you are.

See new (and not-so-new) moms of the world, there’s hope! Once you have a strategy, you’ll find an entire library of workouts at AcaciaTV for moms of all fitness levels. Thanks again for sharing Jenn!!

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