Sculpt Awesome Arms With Some Monkey-Bar Muscle Mayhem

At AcaciaTV we believe it’s totally possible to have mass quantities of fun while getting your workout on. Last week, I gave your lower body using only a playground swing to prove the point.

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This week, I’m back to give you another reason to bust out of the monotony with 4 moves that will make you forget you’re even working out. And they’ll have every muscle in your arms, chest, and back firmed up before the first leaf falls this Autumn.

It’s time to reclaim recess!

All you need is a high bar, park bench, and a swing. So if you’re ready to have a blast while blasting calories and building a ton of lean muscle, then watch and learn…

Swing Push-Ups – It doesn’t get much better than this. Work your arms, chest, shoulders, and core all at the same time with this spectacular multi-tasker. Adjust the difficulty by resting your shins higher up on the swing to make it easier or lower toward your ankles to make it more challenging. Just be sure to keep your shoulders away from your ears as you lower down and keep your elbows squeezing in super close to your ribcage at all times to protect your shoulders.

Swing Inverted Row – It’s like the push up only upside down. This pulling motion is the perfect counterpart to the pushing motion of the push up, working all the opposing muscles to give you a super sculpted upper half in a flash. Again, it’s very important that you don’t scrunch your shoulders up toward your ears and you should have your arms close enough to touch your ribs through the entire motion. Keep your core tight and back flat the entire time. Don’t let your butt sag.

Park Bench Dips – Banish the arm flap with this powerhouse triceps and shoulder move. Keep your hands close to your hips at the top of the movement, maintain space between your shoulders and ears, and squeeze your elbows in and together as you lower down. Press through the palms of your hands to return to the top.

Jumping Chin-Ups – Focusing on the down (eccentric) will build strength in your arms and back faster than working on the up (concentric) movement. Perform this one with your palms facing toward you. Jump up and use your abs to control your body swing. Hold at the top for a second then lower down as slowly as you can, aiming for 8-12 seconds, then jump right back up again.

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