Finally, A Workout You Can Love

Rush rush rush!

Every year, the holidays come roaring in and before we know it, they’re gone and we forgot to pause, smell the pumpkin pie, and give thanks for all we have.

Instead, we spend weeks trying to keep up with all the baking and the shopping and the decorating…UGH! When is it time to just enjoy the holidays?

This year, things are gonna be different.

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Try this Attitude of Gratitude Mindful Meditation

Along with maintaining your pre-holiday weight, I challenge you to take some time and really enjoy this time of the year. Rather than being all stressed out, I propose a no-impact, endorphin-boosting circuit workout that’ll burn off all that seasonal stress so that you’ll have more energy to dedicate to feelings of gratitude and good will toward others.

Here’s how the circuit works: after you warm-up, start with the first move below and go hard for 30 seconds followed by 30 seconds of rest. Then, repeat the same move for another 30 seconds followed by another 30 seconds of rest before repeating this “30 on, 30 off” cycle with the next move on the list. After you’ve completed 2, 30-second intervals of each of the 5 moves, rest for 90 seconds then repeat the entire circuit once more.

Kettlebell Swings

An excellent way to explosive build power in your hips and get your heart rate soaring without all the jumping around. Just remember to really push your hips forward and squeeze your glutes but don’t arch your spine and lean back at the top of the swing.

Split Squat with Kettlebell Shoulder Press

This one’s gonna call on your stabilizers and balance quite a bit. Do the first 30 seconds on one side then switch arms and legs for the second 30.

Plank Kettlebell Taps

Keep your head, neck, and spine in a straight line and make sure that you engage your glutes so that your hips don’t get droopy or start to lift up. Feel free to drop to your knees for these if you feel any compression in your low back or if you are struggling to maintain proper form.

Kettlebell Squat to Upright Row

Don’t let your body lean forward on the squat, keep your chest lifted. When you pull the weight up for the upright row, be sure to lead with your elbows and pull the weight up under your chin. Be sure that the squat and row are two separate moves, don’t let the momentum of coming out of the squat assist with lifting the weight in the row.

Kettlebell Twists

It’s easy to get carried away with speed here and rock around too much so plant your heels on the floor and try to only twist your torso and upper body, don’t let either side of your tush lift off the floor when you twist. Move quickly but with control.