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Problems on the Path to Fitness Problem #3: Working Out with Bling

People can be funny when it comes to working out with jewelry (“bling”) on but sometimes it makes me cringe, seeing visions of Final Destination-style freak accidents happening which involve someone losing a finger or worse. I have one athlete who wears large diamond earrings when she runs a race because “they make [her] faster.” […]

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Weekly Challenge – Up Them Weights!!

Weekly Challenge

So I’ve been on a bit of a strength training kick lately, spreading the good word about all the awesome benefits people miss when they don’t include it in their routine regularly (read all about my real-life/no-BS reasons for swinging to the other side in the latest installment of my AcaciaTV Fit Blog HERE). Last […]

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Why the FDA Smackdown of Kind Bars Is Hard to Digest

Earlier this week the FDA gave the makers of Kind Bars a little spanking. It turns out there’s a strict definition for the word “healthy” and four of Kind’s products didn’t clear the hurdle. The bars contain too much fat and not enough antioxidants, fiber or protein to meet the FDA’s healthy labeling requirements, the […]

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Prepare For Allergy Season With a Simple Spring Cleanse

I have a love-hate relationship with spring. The love part is probably obvious – warmer temps, lighter clothes, open windows, trees leafing, flowers budding. Ahhhh. The hate part is about my seasonal allergies, which typically make me feel like crap for most of April, May and June. More than just a runny nose and watery […]

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