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The Great Cardio Debate — Part 4: Bringing It All Together

So now that we’ve explored to two sides of cardio, it’s time to bring this cardio debate full circle and talk about what we’ve learned. I know you’re all dying to know whether you should be spending your time doing HIIT or steady state cardio, right? But why pick just one when you can have […]

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Weekly Challenge- 450 Mountain Climbers

Weekly Challenge

Hey hey!! It’s a brand-spankin’ new week and you know what that means…yep, time for a brand-spankin’ new FIT/MO Challenge!! This one is very simple (notice I said “simple” NOT “easy”). We’re gonna do a few Mountain Climbers this week. Well, more than a few…we’re gonna do 450 Mountain Climbers this week 🙂 WHAT?!?!?! Coach Alison has lost […]

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Easy Ways to Meditate: Listening Meditation

Here’s what a lot of people think when they think of meditating: Be in a quiet room Sit in a really uncomfortable position while your feet slowly fall asleep Force yourself to stop thinking Uncontrollably starting thinking about dinner, or worrying about work, or wondering what your husband is doing and, boom, you’ve flunked meditating […]

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The Great Cardio Debate — Part 3: The Case for Steady State Cardio

Amanda Young

In my previous post, I presented the pros and cons of interval training and now it’s time to examine the other- decidedly less glamorous- side of cardiovascular training…steady state cardio. Doesn’t sound nearly as fancy as “high intensity interval training”, does it?? While the name makes it sound like a snooze-fest, this is where modern […]

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The Great Cardio Debate – Part 2: The Case for Interval Training

Welcome back! If you haven’t read The Great Cardio Debate – Part 1: Is Cardio Really King?? check that out, too! It hasn’t always been this way but when most people think of cardio now, they immediately think of interval training, also known as metabolic conditioning or high intensity interval training (HIIT). Interval training is […]

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The Great Cardio Debate – Part 1: Is Cardio Really King??

Coach Alison at a race

A few weeks ago, in my blog post titled Can You Tell Me How to Get to Awesome Street?, I provided a basic framework with four essential elements necessary to build a solid, well-rounded fitness program. Essential Component #1 is cardio and unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock since the mid-80s, you probably already […]

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